4 Ways to Upgrade Car Engine Performance

4 Ways to Upgrade Car Engine Performance

The engine is still a favorite among lovers of modifications. This is part of the way the magic Modification options and steps are very diverse, ranging light, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 or forced induction applications such as turbo or supercharger. However, upgrading performance also requires no small funds, due to the price of aftermarket products and tuning services. And apparently, many engine performance upgrade options are available. “We also provide several package options at attractive prices,” said Teddy, a retainer of REV Engineering’s workshop. For convenience, we divide options based on engine components. With a budget of Rp 10 million, upgrades that can be done include light. But it is quite effective to simply improve the performance of the car daily.

Water filter

Starting from the most basic, can by maximizing air supply. How to replace the standard air filter with an aftermarket version. But the type of water filter is divided into two, the first is replacement. Options for air filter replacement such as K&N, Ferrox to Sakurang Racing. The price starts from Rp 600 to 2 million depending on the brand and type of vehicle. Besides replacement, an open filter type air filter is also available. Increased strength was quite significant if using this type. Like the K&N Typhoon series that can increase power to the range of 3-6 hp. The locally made downpipe also includes a catalytic converter, which is specially designed in order to increase energy while remaining safe


Downpipe is a pipe that connects the engine and exhaust parts. In today’s cars, headers are generally integrated with the engine block. So as to improve the performance of downpipe replacement can be a surefire solution. The goal is to improve the flow of exhaust gas towards the exhaust. In addition, catalytic converter devices are also included in this component. Local-made downpipes are the most popular, because the price is affordable and the quality is not inferior to the aftermarket version. Examples such as the Kansai and Super Turbo brands, which are now available for the latest Toyota Kijang Innova diesel engine. Increase the power that can be achieved around 8 to 9 hp.

Exhaust Set

After downpipe, the exhaust can also be maximized. This exhaust channel starts from the center pipe to the muffler. Generally called the back paint. The goal is to maximize exhaust flow after passing downpipe. For the price, the exhaust set also varies depending on the car, engine capacity and transmission. If the design is wrong, the power can actually go flat, “added Mulyono. Usually, the material used is galvanized pipe.

Digital Tuning

Chip tuning applications are also affordable. One of them was remapping ECU by Teddy from REV Engineering’s workshop. The workshop, located in Kedoya, West Jakarta, has many options for remapping ECUs, both for gasoline to diesel engines. One of them is on the ECU remapping package on the latest Toyota Fortuner VRZ. Increase in power reaches 40 hp more! From the standard power 149 hp, to 195 hp. The ECU REMAP process is also different from the past which is very limited. Now almost all parameters can be set, similar to piggyback or stand alone. The dyno test session is useful for finding out the increase in power including changes in engine character in real time. Even for certain cars, maps are widely available, especially for standard engines. Tuning by simply connecting the laptop to the default OBD socket. After that, a new ECU program has been added. To be safer, the ECU remapping process is also accompanied by a dynometer test.