5 Ways to Care for Car Engines You Can Do Your Own

5 Ways to Care for Car Engines You Can Do Your Own

1. Checking the Car Starter

The first is that you try to start your car. If the engine is difficult to start, there may be damage to the starter. This could be due to the reduced supply of fuel and air. Therefore, you can try checking the filter by removing the filter then cleaning it using a brush or toothbrush. If the engine is still difficult to start, immediately take your car to the nearest garage.

2. Changing Oil Periodically

The second most important car maintenance is doing oil changes regularly. Normally, oil changes are carried out at a distance of 3000 to 5000 kilometers. This oil change depends on the type of oil used and the use of oil also affects the condition of your car’s engine. It is very important to change oil, especially if your car is often used continuously like for car rental or something else. The function of this oil is to resist friction when the engine is working. Quality oil can also maintain a stable and optimal condition of the car.

3. Caring for Car Batteries

Car battery is a very important component in a vehicle. Therefore, the most important car maintenance is caring for and maintaining the battery so that it is durable and long-lasting. The easy way is to make sure the battery water is at the level it should be, that is, between the boundary markers. You can also check the battery in another way, which is to measure the battery voltage via a voltmeter.

4. Fully Fuel

The fourth most important way to maintain a car is to refuel. The habit of filling the fuel incompletely makes dirt and crust stick to the top of the fuel tank. There is no harm if you fill the fuel tank fully so that the top condition is clean and free from dirt and crust. If crust in the fuel tank is carried into the combustion channel, of course this will be very dangerous. It is also recommended to use fuel according to recommendations. Usually factories will recommend high-octane fuel that is free of lead. Because the fuel with lead content will make a blockage and the engine will fail to work.

5. Routinely Tune Up

The last most important car maintenance is to tune up regularly at the nearest car repair shop. Tune up will make the car engine stay durable and work optimally. During the tune up process, vital components in the car’s engine will be thoroughly inspected. And when damage and problems occur, the repair shop will fix your problem.