Benefits of buying a car on credit

The car is one of the assets that have a high price, although in the future there will be a decline in value. The economic and financial capabilities of each person determine how to buy and pay for transportation that can support their daily activities, one of which is by credit. Credit payments, especially for car financing, are mushrooming. In fact, the presence of a finance company (leasing) makes it easy for people who want to have their first car and has an impact on the sales growth of automotive manufacturers.

Fast in the process

One of the biggest factors some people buy cars on credit is the speed with which units and files are handled. That is because credit financing will be assisted by two institutions, namely car sales agents and leasing. The presence of leasing staff at the time of the transaction can help the entire process of your vehicle to be faster, from preparing the complete documents to the ball pick up facility wherever you are to complete all the requirements.

Can determine monthly payments

Another advantage of buying a car on credit is that it can determine installment costs each month based on the time period, for example, calculating a car loan simulation, adjusting the amount of down payment, installments, until the credit period. With this car loan simulation, you can manage finances to be more targeted and certain.

Insurance protection

Another advantage of car loans is collateral in the form of vehicle insurance. When the … Read More

The Best Car Interior Design in 2019 That Can Be Cheated

Roll Royce Phantom

Since 1925, Roll Royce has spoiled a variety of high-level people and prominent people with the Phantom series. This series is famous for its control system that can provide more privacy compared to other Roll Royce series.
The material they use is the best material on every millimeter of Roll Royce. Of course, this is one of the things that makes Roll Royce get the title of the most expensive car on earth.
The interior design that can be copied from Roll Royce can be started from the car seat cover. Car owners must dare to change the style of their car seat cover with Roll Royce Phantom style.
This has consequences to make patent changes on each side of the car seat. Starting from the selection of the main color and color combination of car seat covers, thread colors that unite, and the foam used for these seats.

If you want to add control functions to the car, the car owner can add a bulkhead between the front seat and rear seat which can later be used with the privacy button.
The bulkhead in addition to increasing passenger privacy and the driver can also avoid passengers from the glare of the headlights of the vehicle from the opposite direction.
In addition to the bulkhead and car seat cover, car owners can also add decorations to the hood inside the car such as paintings on the fabric cover layer, lights that light like stars at night, and … Read More