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supplier of racingThis was even the case during the brand new coupé period since 2012 season. At this time world automotive manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes-AMG vied for dominance. Since Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters’s restructuring, a need to maintain costs down and the existence of two car producer helped create a sequence with much more parity than Formula One in 2006. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters cars used unleaded gasoline for gasoline rather than leaded gasoline, and refuelling had always been banned during the race since 2012 season.

The qualifying format had been also reformatted into single-session timed qualification (just like Formula One 1996-2002 qualifying format however DTM solely have 20-minute qualifying session) for Saturday and Sunday races. Performance weights had been additionally introduced to find out the winning vehicles’s weight. When the weight of the driving force is factored in, a Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters car weighed over 55% greater than a Formula One Car. The minimum weight for a Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters automotive was adjusted from 1,080 kg (2,381 lb) primarily based on the weight of the driver compared to the field average; with the driver included, all automobiles had a minimal weight of 1,120 kg (2,469 lb) (with a Balance of Performance weight allowance vary of 1,095–1,a hundred and forty kg (2,414–2,513 lb).

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