The Best Car Interior Design in 2019 That Can Be Cheated

Roll Royce Phantom

Since 1925, Roll Royce has spoiled a variety of high-level people and prominent people with the Phantom series. This series is famous for its control system that can provide more privacy compared to other Roll Royce series.
The material they use is the best material on every millimeter of Roll Royce. Of course, this is one of the things that makes Roll Royce get the title of the most expensive car on earth.
The interior design that can be copied from Roll Royce can be started from the car seat cover. Car owners must dare to change the style of their car seat cover with Roll Royce Phantom style.
This has consequences to make patent changes on each side of the car seat. Starting from the selection of the main color and color combination of car seat covers, thread colors that unite, and the foam used for these seats.

If you want to add control functions to the car, the car owner can add a bulkhead between the front seat and rear seat which can later be used with the privacy button.
The bulkhead in addition to increasing passenger privacy and the driver can also avoid passengers from the glare of the headlights of the vehicle from the opposite direction.
In addition to the bulkhead and car seat cover, car owners can also add decorations to the hood inside the car such as paintings on the fabric cover layer, lights that light like stars at night, and other decorations according to taste.
The addition of gadgets such as the screen on the back of the first seat, or the back facing the passenger in the second seat, is also highly recommended so that the atmosphere of the Roll Royce Phantom is more pronounced.
The essence of the Roll Royce Phantom series is control, privacy, two to three color tones for the car cabin, and of course all of the best quality materials.

BMW 8-Series

BMW maximizes the role of technology in this series. To bring the flavor of the BMW 8 series, the owner must be prepared to reach into his pocket a little deeper.
In the interior design of a car cabin, BMW is not as luxurious as a luxury car in general, but yes, the technology must be recognized. BMW 8m series, especially 840 d, almost adopt auto drivers, although not entirely.
In this series, the driver holds a lot of control. With 4DD drive technology, the steering neck and driver seat can be adjusted according to the driver’s comfort.
Besides, this BMW series also has iDrive to attract the attention of a millennial generation.
For car seats, the car owner can replace the car seat with a sporty shape. This form is very convenient to use for long trips. The use of one color on the car seat cover, the dark color and the type of matte, adds to the sporty impression of this BMW type.

Audi A8L

If BMW gives a lot of control to the driver, the Audi A8L also spoil passengers with touch screen technology everywhere.
Carrying luxury through technical jargon, the Audi A8 L is included in the high-tech car lineup. More precisely, many gadgets.

Audi does not emphasize innovation in car seat covers but it is more concentrated on technology that can be used in the car. If BMW has an iDrive, the Audi A8 L has an iDrive and a satellite navigation panel – even weather – behind the steering handlebar.

The idea of ​​this Audi A8 L car can be copied for car owners who love the sophistication of technology and dress the car with the latest technology.

Mercedes S Class

Wow. That is the first impression people will see when they enter this car. Alloy three to four colors in the car’s interior did not reduce the impression of luxury in the car.
The S Class Mercedes still offers millennial technology even though it’s not as fast as BMW and Audi. Mercedes still maintains a spacious cabin by increasing bright colors on the dashboard, reducing the impression of angles, and integrating technology on the driver’s side.
The interior design of this car can be maximally copied by changing the shape of the seat and seat cover. That means a permanent change in the seat used before.
Use leather type material (can be original or synthetic, depending on budget) with bright colors (if possible bone white with gradations approaching ivory yellow) in 90% of car interiors.

If the car owner wants to change the impression of luxury to the masculine, the interior color can be replaced with a darker color such as a combination of dark brown with tan or tan with black.
The core of the Mercedes S Class interior in addition to the technology is also the use of first-class materials for car seat covers and the whole in the car. This charming car makes anyone feel at home riding or driving it.

Tesla Model S

Remember the article about car interior ideas and car seat covers based on the month of birth? Yes, the Tesla Model S is a mix for those born in April. Tesla does not only carry the latest technology but also offers environmentally-friendly vehicles which will be predicted to be cars of the future.
Although the exterior of the Tesla Model S looks like a sedan in general, the interior of the Tesla can be duplicated by making the trunk more spacious. What is remarkable about the interior of Tesla is its control technology.
Car owners can add a flat-screen panel of at least 12 inches to focus passenger control and center of attention on the car’s interior.For car seats, use the type of sporty seat. Use one to two color tones on the car seat cover, and the car is ready to feel like a Tesla.

Bentley Continental GT

If there is a car whose interior can beat the Mercedes S Class, maybe it’s the Bentley Continental GT. Anyone who has the advantage to taste the car will recognize the superiority of the interior that gorgeous.

With very precise details, all car seat covers and other hand-sewn covers, making this cabin in Bentley feel like a car from a very expensive boutique. And yes, Bentley is not cheap.
The combination of metal sparkle, the use of a combination of creamy and indigo blue tones makes this cabin more sparkling. The shape of the sporty seat but still has details on the front back of the seat, certainly adds to the value of Bentley beauty.
Those are the interior ideas of luxury cars that can inspire the car you are using now. And remember, do not want to feel luxurious to sell rice fields. Simply changing the interior, especially the car seat cover can change the interior look of your car as beautiful as Bentley, as sophisticated as Tesla and BMW.