Tips for Buying a Used Car that is Good and Anti-Fraud

 Public transportation conditions that are not comfortable at this time, make many people want to switch to private vehicles. Unfortunately, to buy a private vehicle, especially a car, requires no small cost. There is another alternative if you want to buy a car, namely by buying a used car.

 We are sometimes hesitant to buy a used car, for fear of being fooled, damaged, or the car is no longer comfortable. So that these concerns are not proven and do not occur, we must be careful before buying. Take a good look and check before buying a car, not just the physical of the car but the overall check. There are several things to consider before buying a car.

 Here are some tips for buying a used car that you should know.

 1. Research Before Buying

 Before you buy a car, prioritize for deep research about used cars. Research on this used car can be found from anywhere, from friends, family, automotive magazines, or from automotive sites, and social media.

 In that research, you should look for car specifications, a comparison of each car, and price. Also, make sure the car is according to your wishes.

 Study well any information that comes in. From this research, you will get a lot of inputs. The more information that comes in, it can help you to determine which quality used the car.

 2. Determine Where to Buy

 After doing research, the next thing to do is to choose where to buy a car. Currently, there are many choices, either from direct sellers, showrooms or through intermediaries.

 The easiest way is you buy for people who want to sell it directly. Because the person understands about the car. The owner will know more about the maintenance and condition of the car he will sell.

 If you buy through a dealer or showroom, the advantage is that you have many choices. Although the price offered is more expensive and you cannot dig deeper into the vehicle’s general. The advantage of buying a car through this showroom is that the car can be serviced first.

 Another way you can do when buying a used car is through an intermediary. In this case, it means you need to be careful, make sure the intermediary understands the car it sells. However, in terms of price, certainly more expensive when we buy a car through an intermediary.

 3. Know the Background of the Car

 Before deciding to buy a car, consider also the background or the ins and outs of the car. Ask the car owner in detail about the car we will buy. Such as: when to buy a car; where do you usually take the car; frequency of using the car; the history of damage; accident; and how often to do service and maintenance; also regarding sales reasons.

 If you are satisfied with the answers, you can immediately check the car.

 4. Check the Car Body

 Before buying a car, check the vehicle. The first part that is easy to check is the physical or car body. From this, we can see the honesty of the vehicle owner. The physical part of the car that needs attention is the condition of the car paint, whether there are scratches, rust, dents, or still smooth.

 Then, check and pay attention to every detail of the car body, including the ceiling. A good feature of the ceiling is that it is still thick. This ceiling needs attention because it will protect the air temperature in the car, especially during the day. Car tires also do not escape our attention. If the tires are running low, you might already need to replace them. Lights, under the car, we must also pay attention. Do not escape our attention.

5. Check the Car Engine Performance

 The engine is an important part of the car checking process. Checking engine performance must be carefully and thoroughly. The method is:

 • start the engine.

 • Then, pay attention to the sound of the engine running.

 • If the engine sounds smooth, not rough, and the car is easy to start, it means the engine is still in good condition.

 • Conversely, if the car sounds harsh, ask the car owner or seller, why something like this happened and check the damage.

 • If this happens, you need to reconsider buying the car.

 Here is a way to check the performance of a car engine that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a used car.

 6. Do a Test Drive

 The most important thing is when you do a test drive. Starting from passing the gear, feeling the condition of the car when walking. The lighter, it means the better the condition of the car.

 • Also, check the logs of the car passing through uneven roads.

 • Check the brake condition. When braking, there should be no vibration on the brake pedal or squeaking sounds. If this happens, you need to rethink it. If you can negotiate a price for brake repair it’s getting better.

 In this test drive too, you can ask as many and as much as possible to find out the condition of the car. If you do not understand about the car, during this test drive, bring a friend or relative who really understands the car. So, you do not need to doubt the results of your analysis of the car to be purchased.

 7. Check the Inside of the Car

 The next step in buying a used car is to check the inside of the car. Many things you need to check, such as:

 • Car seats and covers

 • The air conditioner is still running well or not

 • Also, check the odometer or car mileage. Under normal conditions, an average car will cover a distance of 16,000 to 24,000 km in a year. A good condition of the car is that the distance is not too much or little.

 • Also, make sure all lights function according to function.

 • check parking sensors, parking cameras, CDs, radios, or TVs.

 Make sure everything is in good condition. Also, check the condition of the glass. Try up and down to see the quality.

 8. Check the Completeness of the Letter

 Vehicle certificates you must pay attention to when buying a car. Pay attention to the authenticity of BPKB and STNK cars, because today many people are faking BPKB and STNK to sell stolen cars. You must ensure that the car you are going to buy has a BPKB and vehicle registration with the owner’s real name.

 9. Physical Check Complete Mail

 To be more convincing, we can do a physical check at Samsat’s office. Through this physical check, you can make sure the data and information contained in the documents are as stated. If you want to do a physical check, communicate in advance with the car owner. The owner usually agrees if you are sure you will buy the car.

 10. Ask Insurance

 Car insurance is an important thing to know. By asking for insurance, you can find out the quality of the car. In addition, insurance also guarantees you in the event of damage or accident to your car. from insurance also you can find out the condition of the car. This insurance ownership will be very good. If there is insurance and the car changes owner, we can do the process behind the name of the insurance company. All you have to do is prepare the sales and purchase documents so that the process behind the name of the insurance is not problematic and easy.

 Thus tips on buying a used car. You really need to be careful, therefore, being careful before buying is the right motto. Do not let you buy a car, but only the losses obtained. Choose well so that someday you are comfortable driving with family.