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car bodyWith that said, the aforementioned definition of an SUV has blurred over time and often consists of both off-roaders and gentle-roaders. Out of the various kinds of vehicles, a sedan (US) or a saloon (UK) is historically outlined as a car with 4 doors and a typical boot/ trunk. A slightly technical detail is that it often includes a three-box configuration with each of the boxes categorically used for the engine, passenger, and cargo. Conventional station wagons fell out of favor with the arrival of the minivan within the early Eighties, but have made somewhat of a comeback in smaller variations called touring or estate wagons. Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have launched a sequence of touring wagons.

Vehicle designed to transport passengers in the rear seating row(s) with reconfigurable seats in two or three rows. Typically has a combined passenger and cargo area, a high roof, a flat floor, a sliding door for rear passengers and excessive H-level seating.

However, the time period is normally used for pillarless hardtops, that are vehicles with no B-pillar which might be often styled to provide the looks of a convertible. Popular in the United States within the Fifties and Nineteen Sixties.

The time period was initially used for lightweight open-high racing automobiles of the late 1940s through the 1950s. Since the 1950s, the title barchetta (“little boat” in Italian) has been revived on several events, largely for vehicles with convertible roofs that aren’t specifically meant for racing.

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