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Turn signals are in virtually every case activated by a horizontal lever (or “stalk”) protruding from the facet of the steering column, although on some automobiles it protrudes from the dashboard. The driver raises or lowers the outboard end of the stalk, in accord with the clockwise or anticlockwise path the steering wheel is about to be turned.

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Proponents of dual rear fog lamps say two lamps provide car distance info not obtainable from a single lamp. Proponents of the single rear fog lamp say dual rear fog lamps carefully mimic the appearance of illuminated cease lamps , decreasing the conspicuity of the cease lamps’ message when the rear fogs are activated. To present some safeguard towards rear fog lamps being confused with cease lamps, UN Regulation 48 requires a separation of no less than 10 cm between the closest illuminated edges of any stop lamp and any rear fog lamp. Most jurisdictions permit rear fog lamps to be installed either singly or in pairs.

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American technical standards contain provisions for front cornering lamps as well as rear cornering lamps. Cornering lamps have traditionally been prohibited under international UN Regulations, though provisions have just lately been made to allow them as long as they’re solely operable when the car is travelling at lower than 40 kilometres per hour . “Driving lamp” is a term deriving from the early days of nighttime driving, when it was comparatively rare … Read More

This is how India's auto component industry can turn disruption into growth

automotive componentIndian auto-element makers are nicely positioned to benefit from the globalisation of the sector as exports potential could be elevated by up to US$ 30 billion by 2021E. The rapidly globalising world is opening up newer avenues for the transportation trade, particularly whereas it makes a shift towards electric, digital and hybrid vehicles, which are deemed more efficient, protected and reliable modes of transportation. Over the next decade, it will lead to newer verticals and alternatives for auto-part producers, who would need to adapt to the change through systematic analysis and improvement.

With over 90 years of experience in rubber testing, Smithers offers customized tire evaluation and normal testing to fulfill your necessities. Smithers offers you with prompt entry to a world class R&D staff specializing in automotive plastics, rubber, and composite materials. As polymer specialists, we are able to help on a wide range of internal and external automotive trim initiatives – offering guidance through OEM engineering efficiency specs and with professional support in testing to fulfill your development and approval timescales. Smithers offers a full suite of automotive hose testing providers for brake gasoline traces, coolant hoses, assemblies, parts, and more.

The brake friction material has a major influence on the contact scenario within the friction pair. As a consequence, the properties of friction materials play an important function within the driver’s notion of braking performance, particularly at elevated brake interface temperatures [242–244 ]. The properties of the brake friction materials influence the efficiency of disc brakes, i.e. … Read More