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The lights are wired so as to illuminate each time the automobiles’ parking and taillamps are on, including when the headlamps are getting used. Front amber facet markers in the United States may be wired in order to flash in synchronous part or opposite-section with the flip alerts; however, they aren’t required to flash at all.

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Since 1968, US rules additionally require side-dealing with retroreflectors, amber in front and red in the rear. Sweden, South Africa and different countries have at varied instances required white front-facing retroreflectors. Red regular-burning taillights, brighter than the rear place lamps, are activated when the motive force applies the vehicle’s brakes and warn vehicles behind to arrange to stop. These are formally called cease lamps in technical requirements and laws and in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, although informally they are typically referred to as “brake lights”. They are required to be fitted in multiples of two, symmetrically on the left and right edges of the rear of each vehicle. International UN regulations No. 7 specify a range of acceptable depth for a cease lamp of 60 to 185 candela.

Side markers are permitted but not required on automobiles and light passenger automobiles outside the United States and Canada. Early highway vehicles used fuelled lamps, before the supply of electrical lighting. The Ford Model T used carbide lamps for headlamps and oil lamps for back lights.

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