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i assumed i could use an RD-9070 and a FD-9070 temporarily. I’ve upgraded the firmware to the newest however there’s no response from either FD or RD. I cured it by backing off each limit screws – the high limit screw was nicely baked out actually.

A used replacement half off ebay could be the potential cheap resolution. I first used a SM-BMR1 battery mount and solely the front derailleur worked. It could not be up to date using the SM-PCE02. I suspect that to update the SM-BMR1 you need the Sm-PCE1.

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buying sparepart

Seems ok now and E-TUBE shows the right actual sprocket selected. So, i ordered a new one, and now the PCE-02 wont even acknowledge the SM-BMR2. It goes through the process of attempting to acknowledge the system, then just goes again to the house web page of e tube. THis occurs both when i hook up with the whole system through the shifter or on to the battery mount . Once the lever is pressed the voltage rises by, I suppose zero.three to 0.5 volts on the wire.

I found my rear derailliuer was drawing 2.0mA . Changed the derailliuer and all okay since. You might always check the voltage drop twice a day for a number of days, this will point you to the faulty merchandise. As your battery is dropping rapidly, it should be quick … Read More